Predicting The PS5’s Launch Line-Up

Predicting The PS5’s Launch Line-Up

January 16, 2019 Off By Stephen Fontana

After recently surpassing 92 million in sold-through consoles, the PS4 is well on its way to becoming the second best-selling home console of all time right behind the PS2. With no signs of slowing down, the PS4 will surpass the Nintendo Wii and shortly thereafter the PS1 in 2019. With that being said, speculation of the PS4’s successor – the PlayStation 5 – is becoming a talking point among gamers. While the PS5 may not release for another two years, I wanted to take a stab at what the next-generation console’s launch line-up would look like. When I say ‘launch’, I am referring to the first three months or so. So lets take a stab at a few ideas, wishes, and wild speculative guesses on the PS5 launch.

The Hardware

PS5 Launches w/ PSVR 2.0 Bundle

PSVR is here to stay -that much is certain. Having sold over 3 million unit worldwide, PSVR is going to be big part of Sony’s next generation console. What isn’t certain is how Sony can continue to get the units in homes beyond the early adopter crowd. One approach Sony could take is to create a PS5 SKU with PSVR bundled in. Think of it like the Xbox Kinect, expect good. Current VR units on the market come at a hefty price $500 and require a $1200 computer rig to really handle the experience. A modestly priced PS5/PSVR bundle ($600 perhaps?) might be the PSVR’s ticket into more gamers’ homes. A PSVR 2.0 hardware refresh may sweeten the deal as well.

PS5 Launches w/Full Backwards Compatibility, Scales Games To 4K.

The PS5 will very likely be build on the same hardware architecture as its predecessor. Doing so would not only make it easier for developers to create new games, but it would also allow the PS4’s library to be brought over with ease – and with a fresh coat of 4K paint. I could see PlayStation 5 launching with something very similar to Microsoft’s backward compatibility approach with the Xbox One. The biggest issue here would be the PlayStation 3’s complicated cell processor. PSNow does bypass this issue as the games are streamed, but I predict that the PS5 will include hardware to properly emulate every PlayStation console that came before it. While extensive studies by Sony in the past have concluded that most gamers don’t use backwards compatibility, Xbox proved that perhaps the optics are worth it alone.

Software – The Obvious Choices

Horizon Zero Dawn 2

Horizon: Zero Dawn was an absolutely phenomenal game, and a testament to what PlayStation does best. Up until its release, Guerrilla Games was only really know for the Killzone series. Thankfully that all changed when the developer introduced its new IP to the world and it was met with critical acclaim and astronomical sales. The game’s engine was built from the ground-up and was an impressive sight to behold, so impressive that it even captivated the likes of Hideo Kojima. A sequel to the break-out hit is guaranteed at this point. Considering that Horizon: Zero Dawn launched in 2017, a sequel could easily be ready for the PS5 launch.

Spider-Man 2

The hardest part about making a Spider-Man game is essentially done. With the engine all squared away, Insomniac can only improve on its stellar web-slinging and combat mechanics. With DLC for Spider-Man released shortly after the main game’s release, a two-year cycle could be enough to create a fully-fledged sequel to the 2018 blockbuster. Given that the game has topped over 9 million sales, you better believe that Sony green-lit a sequel with the highest priority.

Software – The Wild Cards

Rocksteady Games Has A Top-Secret Game…And It’s Going To Be A PS5 Timed-Exclusive Launch Title

Does anyone really know what Rocksteady is making at this point? It could be a Superman title, yet another Batman game or even a Justice League title. Rumors of the developers next big release have been plentiful and consistent. Rocksteady has had tremendous success these last two generations, so much so that it would not shock me if they were working on two different titles. I predict that one of those two will be a PS5 launch title, and be exclusive at least for a limited time.

New IP From Naughty Dog

I think it is about time we see something completely fresh from Naughty Dog. The end of PS4’s life will see The Last of Us II, and we got two really awesome Uncharted games (as well as a remaster of 1-3). It is time for Naughty Dog to tackle a new genre and set some new bars for the next generation. Xbox is going to come out swinging next gen with their acquisitions working on presumably at least half dozen new games. PlayStation will need to be prepared to wow players, and keep things fresh. A new IP at launch from their best studio over the last two generations would be a great start.

Software – Wishful Thinking

The Order 1887

I know what you are going to say and I agree with you; The Order 1886 was flawed in many, many ways. It was bogged down by terrible pacing and left much to be desired in the way of climactic encounters. With all that being said, the world they built was stunning and fascinating. After my 6-8 hours or so with The Order 1886, I was clamoring to get back in that universe and slay some vampires and werewolves. Hell, the game even ended with a cliffhanger setting up a sequel on a silver platter! Unfortunately, the game didn’t sell well and we have not heard much since. Perhaps positioning itself as a PS5 launch title will help reignite excitement for the franchise? One can hope.

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