Awesome Pea Review

Public Service Announcement for anyone playing this game: get a Pro-Controller. Trust me, your thumbs will be forever grateful. Awesome Pea is a retro-styled, insta-revive platformer à la Super Meat Boy that stars a greedy little pea tasked with nabbing as much treasure as possible…and survive along the way. Awesome Pea strives to find a…

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Observer Review

In the year 2084, a digital plague known as the nanophage has ended the lives of thousands. In the aftermath of this crisis, war and drug use have become commonplace in Kraków, Poland. To this end, Chiron, a powerful mega-corporation, has taken control of the country and has created the Observers – a specialized police…

By Andy Asimakis March 18, 2019 Off

Degrees of Separation Review

This might seem like an unconventional way to start a review, but I really do adore the name of Moondrop’s most recent puzzle-platformer – Degrees of Separation; it is literally perfect. Few times has a game’s title so deftly encapsulated the aesthetics, lore, and mechanics of the experience. Okay, now on to the review proper.Degrees…

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Nintendo Duel Screens Episode 90 – Paint It Black | Guest Host: Don Bellenger | Black Future ‘88

Death never looked so good…or sounded so good for that matter. Don Bellenger is here to help us survive his synth-punk rogue-like shooter Black Future ‘88…and hopefully keep our hearts from exploding. Don also sheds light on that big beautiful booty from the trailer. Also in the show…Cross-Play gets Crossed-OUT on the Nintendo Switch…but at…

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Steve Guests Hosts on Best Friends Talk Funny – A Kinda Funny Community Podcast

Last week Steve sat down and had a one on one with one of Kinda Funny’s very best community members, Kyle Stephenson, on his show ‘Best Friends Talk Funny‘. Topics range from talking about NDSPodcast, Steve’s acting career, impostor syndrome and so much more. You can download the show below: iTunes: Google Play:

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